Service description

Over the years, we have answered more than 18,000 people's questions.

If we can answer your questions today on the spot and correctly, it is because we have a lot of experience in the field of law. In order to guide you in the right direction, to correctly assess the difficulties you face, each of us has received 5 years of legal education, 2 years of participation in various trainings and conferences, and 7 years of various legal work. Against this background, we are very disappointed that many clients approach the legal advice service with the idea, "You want money for a word." We also know that unregulated law firms hurt you a lot. We are also aware that inexperienced lawyers are abusing your trust by taking advantage of your situation. We also know well those who took your money and left you halfway, saying that we will solve your case. We regret all this and try to give people the right legal advice to prevent such cases in our company.

Remember, you are paying to get the right legal advice. We value these payments in return for our investment in the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years.

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Sizə konsultasiya xidmətinin aşağıdakı növlərini təklif edirik:

Oral consultation

We can listen to you both online (by phone, through various video and non-video chat programs) and offline (by approaching our office) to get legal support for the problems you face.

Written consultation

Our clients who have difficulty expressing their opinions orally can also send their appeals in writing. We are ready to receive your applications either through online platforms (email address, social networks) or in hard copy at our office address.

Regular consultation

Our clients, who always want to get advice, can benefit from the experience of our professionals, provided that 1,2,3,4,5 times a week, each time for no more than half an hour orally and no more than 5 questions in writing. Our rates for regular consulting services vary depending on the number of monthly applications. We sign a monthly contract and provide services according to the package provided.