Integrity is the main part of our activities. Regardless of expanding business activities, this basis will remain unaffected at each stage of our relationships with individual and corporate clients. For us, integrity starts with conforming to the laws of the country and applies to all members of our society, including our colleagues. We have developed this value to never sacrifice it for personal interests and principles. We believe that integrity should start with us first in all activities.

Human capital

We understand that human capital is a foundation of all successful businesses. As a holding company present in the local market, we always invest in human capital. We believe that potential personnel that surround us will make a great contribution to our progress and we consistently create opportunities for them. We are always in the search of new personnel who are capable of turning challenges into opportunities, completing every task that they undertake. Every colleague working in our group takes their job as their own private business which makes us even stronger and more successful.


We get inspired from the beauties of nature every day. We have chosen being a part of nature as one of the key values of our company so that we can always enjoy these beauties. In order to demonstrate our love and respect for nature inside the holding, we keep increasing the amount of greenery in various parts within the holding. We believe that
harmony between nature and our colleagues, their perspectives towards each other and their work will help achieve greater levels of success. As a holding company, we take pride in unceasingly strengthening this value that we have created for environmental protection and development.

Client loyalty

You have definitely come across this phrase many times, however, for us it has a different philosophical concept. We believe that even a single client can provide more opportunities for us and we have witnessed it multiple times. Building long-term relationships with our individual and corporate clients and steadily developing these relationships are more valuable to us.