Sevinj Rahimova

Founder of SERA Holding
SERA Holding came into existence to upgrade the concept of quality service in the fields of law, accounting, audit and debt collection in the local market, and offer new services to market participants.

The financial and psychological impact of the pandemic on many local market participants has also prompted us to make certain changes in our strategy. Nowadays, market participants are more selective and cautious.

Various business units have already started to prioritize more the criteria such as individual approach, professionalism and values in partnership selection. This has enabled us to provide clients with right service and information in a timely manner based on their current positions.

We have developed the principle of “diversity” in our human resources policy as a way of achieving successes. Because without diversity, it will be challenging to launch new initiatives or to take our company to the next level. It is essential for various business units to survive in the market. 

Although predictions of many forecasts on the fields of law, accounting, audit are not promising, we believe that endless opportunities will unfold for these services in the future. We aim to provide special services and solutions specifically tailored for each of our clients.