SERA Holding is an international group of companies operating in the key business areas of law, accounting, audit and collection.

A group of companies provides services to 108 more than
clients in various business areas in Azerbaijan. Subsidiaries of the holding company have sound experience in their fields, while some of them have been operating more than 5 years. SERA Holding brings companies together to create a diversified and multi-sector business portfolio, thereby strengthening strategic management and communication among them.
The group 2007 in early
started to deliver services to local market participants with legal and accounting firms. Capital raised by the holding company in later periods led to its rapid growth and expansion. The holding company’s financial businesses are consolidated under two groups: SERA Accounting and SERA Audit.
SERA Holding expanded its portfolio by setting up SERA Collection company to service its individual and corporate clients, 2018 in
The holding also provides legal advisory services on the protection of the rights of various high technology start-ups that specialize in providing a great number of innovative solutions and reliable services.
With our investments in human capital, 100 more than
professional experts work in our subsidiaries at the moment. In the future, it will enable us to enter various business areas as SERA Holding and expand our business activities.